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Building our vocabulary, one fic at a time.

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Welcome to Drabblesmith!

This is a community for drabble (that is, short fiction) challenges based on the daily vocabulary word sent out by the word-a-day listserv, at www.wordsmith.org.

Every day, we will post the word for the day, and ask you all to post drabbles using the word, or at the very least dealing with the definition of the word. You can be as creative as you like. NC-17 drabbles are allowed, and we are slash-friendly. :D

You can write drabbles on anything and everything. We love fanfics here, but they are not mandatory. Fics of all kinds are encouraged, but please post all relevant warnings in your subject/post, *especially* if you are posting chan, squick, kink-fic, etc.

Anybody can write a drabble about any subject they choose: the object ultimately is to learn the word and build your vocabulary, and have fun doing it.